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Customize PS5 Build.
Customize PS5 Build.

Customize PS5 Build

Customize Xbox Build.
Customize Xbox Build.

Customize Xbox Build

Customize PS4 Build.
Customize PS4 Build.

Customize PS4 Build



PRO Build

Pro Build Features:
- 2 Remappable Tactical Back Paddles
- Custom Front/Back shell
- Custom Buttons
- Adjustable Thumbsticks
- Pro Triggers
- Pro Pad

Go Pro!


Challenger Build Features:
- 2 Remappable Tactical Back Paddles
- Adjustable Thumbsticks
- Pro Triggers
- Custom Back/Front Shell
- Custom Buttons

Go Chall!

BASE Build

Base Build Featrues:
- 2 Remappable Tactical Back Paddles

Go Base!

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Our controllers are designed for the highest level of comfort, responsiveness, and precision.

Fully customizable

Make it your own! From unique Front Shells to Remappable Back Paddles/Buttons and Pro Triggers. We have everything you need to give you that competitive edge you are looking for. Customize yours now!

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Our Mission

Our controllers are custom-built by gamers, for gamers, and we understand just how critical a good controller is in any stage of the game, whether it's for casual play or the main stage of a competitive tournament. That's why we go the extra mile to ensure that you have everything you need in the palm of your hands to outperform any competitor on the sticks.

We offer three different builds to suit every player, from casual gamers to competitive pros. No matter what your skill level is, we have a controller that will fit you perfectly. Our controllers are designed to provide the highest level of comfort, responsiveness, and precision, giving you a gaming experience like no other.

So why wait? Choose the build that fits you best and start dominating your opponents today!

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